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Clio Gives Love to the WORLD

This is the place for all things Clio. Pronounced [Klee-Oh]

Clio is a stick figure on a mission to help save the world by giving love.

Our world is currently experiencing a lot of strife and a surge of violence of uncontainable proportions. We are bombarded daily with images of hate and violence. This proves our world is in desperate need of care and love. Each one of us can do something everyday to spread love. The Get Love Give Love Project is a campaign for the promotion and spreading of love. The project begins with an artist print fundraiser at Clio's alter ego is multi-disciplined artist, Trevaughn Bynum who created this Clio design for to the Get Love Give Love Project. When Clio gets love, (in the form of products being sold) she will will give love. Proceeds from the digital design fundraiser will be donated to the We Are Here Movement ... here to choose Unity, Love, and Compassion and to use our collective power to protect our planet for generations to come. Artists Call: Other social ARTivists are invited to join the GLGL 2016 Project. Check out the details on the GLGL Project 2016 Facebook Page.

About Us

Clio, pronounced [Klee-Oh], is the stick figure character and alter ego of multi-disciplined artist Trevaughn Bynum. Clio has humble beginnings as a doodle gracing the pages of class notebooks and occasional chalk or white boards. One magical day in 2008 she became the spunky real life line drawing you see before you with a mission to remind everyone to GIVE LOVE!

Trevaughn Bynum is an artist of many mediums. She comes from a creative family and expresses herself in whatever way the idea comes forth. She is interested in most forms of art ranging from theater, animation and film to painting, sculpture and writing. Clio is one of her expressions of love to help spread love and positivity to the world.


New York, New York